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21 year old, physical therapy major, and Ian Somerhalder obsessed.
More about me in the link. Add me if you have similar interests ;)

friends - only adds people that have similar interests and actually speak.

about me - funny, random, smartass, timid, always writing something, nerdy,  and nutso at times.


television shows  - one tree hill, heroes, veronica mars, game of thrones, jersey shore, teen wolf, the vampire diaries, smallville, buffy the vampire slayer, dexter, legend of the seeker, true blood, supernatural, sex and the city, roswell, tru calling, criminal minds, csi miami, csi new york, ice loves coco, angel the vampire slayer, mutant x, charmed, dark angel, and nip/tuck.

movies - burlesque, hangover, the hitcher, freeway, the notebook, scarface, avatar, leap year, cruel intentions, the tattooist, sex and the city,  letters to juliet, beauty and the beast, the back-up plan, remember me, charlie st. cloud, couples retreat, honey, diary of a mad black woman, all about steve, home alone, illegal tender, my big fat greek wedding, titanic, just married, just wright, leap year, robin hood, 300, the good girl, death at a funeral, resident evil, the sorcerers apprentice, taken, and Hannibal.

music -  the script, breaking benjamins, creed, the fray, acdc, three days grace, sanctus real, kings of leon, linkin park, bruno mars, pixie lott, katy perry, britney spears, taking back sunday, missy higgins, florence and the machine, agustana, maroon 5, poets and pornstars, michelle branch, switchfoot, birdy, full blown rose, counting crows, one republic, la roux, lady gaga, needtobreathe, googoo dolls, civil twilight, snow patrol, alex band, deftones, otep, and safteysuit.

actresses -  sophia bush, kristen bell, eliza dushku, sarah michelle gellar, emilia clarke, emilie de ravin, michelle borth, nina dobrev, anna paquin, candice accola, shiri appleby, and bjg.

actors -  ian somerhalder, paul wesley, jack o' connell, jensen ackles, jared padalecki, david boreanaz, and penn badgely.

ships - bangel, liz/max, veronica/sam, brean, damon/elena, buffy/angel, faith/dean, daenerys/khal drogo, sookie/eric, and caroline/tyler.

other crap:
           ♡ when I like a song I replay it a thousand times till I learn the lyrics.
           ♡ obsessed with the idea that ian somerhalder secretly loves me.
           ♡ loves icons.
           ♡ believes in love at first sight.
           ♡ btvs addict at heart. secretly misses the show.
           ♡ my real life should be made into a movie. ;)
           ♡ i'm not a natural blonde.
           ♡ my mood in my posts are almost never accurate. i just like certain gifs more than others. xD
           ♡ I am hispanic.
              I still love my ex-boyfriend.
Tags: !semi-locked, [x] intro
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