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Buffy & Dean-0

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What if both of the Winchesters attended Sunnydale high along with the slayer and the scooby gang? How different would the show have gone from that point? What do you think would have happened? I totally think Buffy and Dean would have had something.

I came in contact with a fan of this crossover on tumblr and she mentioned that maybe Willow and Sam would have had a great friendship, I mean c'mon...they do the research, get hooked to things like Willow and magic, Sammy and his demon abilities.

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I don't even know how to explain this. It just flowed well.
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Season 7 BTVS. Who says the Winchester Bros didn't witness Willows extraordinary power, unleashing an army of Slayers.

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They are just too cute, I couldn't resist.

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The Goodbyes.
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